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What Realtors Should Tell Their Clients About a Real Estate Septic Inspection

If you are a real estate agent, you already have a million and one things that you are obligated to discuss with your home buying and selling clients. Some are state license requirements, others are guidelines by your broker, and still others are more about being ethical and professional. Of course, you also want to do right by your buyers and sellers, so you can be successful at what you do. One thing you may not have thought about is talking to them about doing a real estate septic inspection. Here’s why you might want to:

  • Sellers – When you are gathering information on a property to list, one item that you’ll note is whether it is on the municipal sewer system or if it has a septic system instead. Once you accurately note that it is septic, you could find some buyers are less than enthusiastic because they don’t understand how they work and may see them as a liability. If you discuss having your seller complete a real estate septic inspection and putting that information into the listing, you may be able to overcome those fears and increase the pool of buyers for your client. Even those buyers that are comfortable with a septic system will appreciate this extra effort and the savvier ones are likely to ask for it anyway knowing a detailed septic inspection is not part of a standard property inspection.
  • Buyers – If you are dealing with buyers, you know that some do not fully understand what a septic system is. By getting a real estate septic inspection company involved, your client will not just benefit from peace of mind that all is well, but they can also get valuable information about taking care of the system properly once they become the new owner.

Here at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we are happy to work with real estate agents in the Lakeland, Florida area, as well as with buyers and sellers directly that wish to schedule a real estate septic inspection to rule out any problems or resolve any that may be present. We also conduct septic services for commercial properties. Call us today to learn more.