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Following these tips will keep your septic system operating smoothly and at its greatest potential. We are here to help you take care of your system so it can have an extended lifespan!

Top 10 Tips for Homeowners with Septic Systems
Septic Systems
1.   Septic systems need an inspection completed annually.

2.   Septic systems need to be pumped once every 3 to 5 years. There may be situations when you’ll need to have it pumped more frequently to make sure the system is not overloaded.

3.   Don’t be wasteful with your water usage.

4.   Make sure there are no leaks or constant drips in your home. Limiting how much water your household uses reduces the amount of wastewater that your system has to treat.

5.   Don’t dispose of the following items in your sinks (this list could be much longer, but these are just a few of the most common items we see causing problems in septic systems):

•  Food
•  Grease or oil
•  Coffee grounds
•  Egg shells
•  Antibacterial soap

6.   Don’t dispose of the following items by flushing them down the toilet (again, it could be a longer list, but these are the most common offenders):

•  Facial tissues
•  Feminine hygiene products
•  Paper towels
•  Medicine
•  Dental floss
•  Cotton swabs or cotton balls
•  Wet wipes

7.   Maintain the drain field as well as the tank. Don’t cover the area with materials other than grass. Limit traffic from heavy vehicles or other equipment.

8.   Keep a basic drawing of the location of your septic system to help you remember the underground layout.

9.   Adding bacteria to your system is unnecessary because it is already naturally occurring and doesn’t eliminate the need to have septic systems pumped regularly.

10. Always be observant of how well your drains are working, if there are foul odors or water pooling in the backyard, get your system looked at as soon as issues may start and before it’s an emergency.