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You have found the perfect building lot in Lakeland and can’t wait to build the home of your dreams. There’s only one thing stopping you in your tracks – you just found out your dream lot is too small to accommodate a septic system. However, there’s no reason to worry since our team here wants to introduce you to the many benefits of ATU systems.

 ATU Systems: The Choice for Small Space Waste Disposal

An aerobic treatment system, commonly referred to as an ATU system, can offer you the same benefits as a traditional septic system. The main difference between these two systems, however, is that ATU systems are meant for small locations where adequate soil drainage to accommodate a full drainfield does not exist.  ATU systems are also popular in places with high water tables and in areas near lakes and streams.
ATU Systems
To put it simply, ATU systems are a mini wastewater treatment plant specifically designed for residential use. These systems use oxidization in the form of an air pump that increases levels of oxygen into the tank. The oxygen is then pumped into the system to increase decomposition and encourage bacterial growth that can assist in the breakdown of waste and help dissolve solid compounds within the tank.  ATU systems also come in simple two-chamber systems to more complex four-chamber systems.

If your dream lot won’t accommodate a septic system, contact Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. today. We are ready to help you choose the correct ATU System that will meet local regulations and perfectly accommodate your wastewater needs.