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Residential Septic PumpingIf you have a septic system, there is a good chance your water supply comes from a well on your property. It is also a pretty safe guess that you want your drinking water to be uncontaminated. If that is the case, then that is the #1 reason why regular residential septic pumping should be important to you. If your system has not been pumped out in a while, it quite possibly could be contaminating the drinking water not only in your well, but also your neighbors’.

Why Regular Residential Septic Pumping is Important

Also, think about your budget. Did you know that every year, many septic systems fail, resulting in an expensive bill to replace them simply because the homeowner did not hire regular residential septic pumping? It is far cheaper to maintain your system and get 20-40 years out of it than it is to replace it every 4-5 years because you ignored it.

Just in case the first two reasons didn’t grab your attention, how often could you stand having a messy backup into your home? Could you accept ruined carpeting and an odor that won’t go away for quite a while? If not, then this is reason #3 in favor of regular residential septic pumping. If your system doesn’t get pumped out when it needs it, that waste is going to find someplace else to go, and you know what that means. Also, it has a knack for doing it when you are away on vacation or about to take the family out for a fun weekend at the beach.

Don’t worry if you’ve waited too long for residential septic pumping and you need someone in a hurry because at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we are available 24/7. We’d rather see you get set up with regularly scheduled residential septic pumping, though, so give us a call before you have to deal with a mess, foul water, or a huge septic repair bill. We serve Lakeland, FL and the rest of Polk County, as well as Eastern Hillsborough County.