Real Estate Septic System Inspections: What You Should Know

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Real estate septic system inspections are one of those out of sight, out of mind, dirty jobs that most people don’t think about due to septic systems being in the ground. Since they aren’t seen even day, most people don’t even pay any mind to their existence until something bad happens. It’s important to understand why this job shouldn’t be neglected and implemented more often than it is. This is what you should know about real estate septic system inspections.

 real estate septic system inspections

There are two types of inspections: visual and full. A visual septic inspection is brief in comparison to its counterpart. It usually involves an inspector asking a couple of questions regarding the age of the home, how often the septic system gets pumped and how much time has passed since the last inspection. Typically, the inspector will then test the system to ensure everything is working properly and check the drain field for standing water.

A full inspection includes a visual inspection while adding a few more elements into the mix. In a full inspection, inspectors will check the water level of the septic tank. This enables the inspector to decide whether the water is draining correctly or not. They’ll also run water into the house to see if this causes the water level to change. A dye test may be conducted in order to see how much water enters the septic tank. Afterwards, the tank gets pumped and will be checked for potential backflow. Backflow will tell the inspector if there are problems with the drain field. The flow level will be checked yet again, just to ensure every aspect of the septic tank checks out and there are no obstructions.

Here at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we provide real estate septic inspection services in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Polk City, Plant City, Haines City, Mulberry, Polk County, and Eastern Hillsborough County, Florida. During our inspections, we can help diagnose issues such as:

  • Incorrect Tank Sizes
  • Tank Issues
  • Poor Location

By knowing this information, we can collaborate with you to best determine what can be done to solve issues with your septic system and prevent further problems in the future. Contact us for more information regarding real estate septic system inspections. We’re more than happy to help.