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Grease Traps

Most commonly found in commercial kitchens, grease traps offer restaurants a way to manage fat, grease and oils from kitchen waste water and keep it out of the sewer system. While these traps are essential to your business, cleaning and maintaining them play an integral role in keeping your establishment a healthy place for both employees and patrons. Here’s what you should know:

  • Kitchen Smells Should Be Pleasant: When someone enters your kitchen, the aromas of amazing dishes cooking should be the first thing they smell– not the overpowering pungent smells coming from dirty grease traps. In fact, foul smells are the first sign you need to have a grease trap cleaned immediately.
  • Reduce Risk of Kitchen Fires: It’s every restaurant owner’s biggest fear– arriving to open your restaurant, only to see smoke coming from the kitchen. Grease fires spread quickly and are difficult to put out. Regularly cleaning your grease traps is a simple way to help prevent these fires from destroying the business you love.
  • Health Code Violations: If your health officials discover a dirty grease trap on a regular basis, you will see consequences, including hefty fines, and possibly even temporary closures until you have the problem resolved. You may also lose on the grading system, making customers wary about being patrons at your restaurant.

While grease traps play an important role in helping commercial kitchens stay environmentally friendly, they can also be dangerous when not properly cleaned and maintained. Our professional team at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. will ensure your grease traps are clean by removing grease and debris, scraping any oils that have accumulated on the sides of the machine, and disposing of the waste properly, and we will also answer any and all of your questions. Call us today to ensure your grease traps are functioning at their best!