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Septic Tanks, Mulberry, FL

If you need help with your Mulberry septic system, you can count on our years of experience with septic tanks to resolve your problem.

Septic Tanks, Mulberry, FL
Do septic tanks and how they work befuddle you? While it is important to know what you can do and should not do when you have a septic system, our pros at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. are happy to help you with the stuff you don’t need to know how to do. We take care of the maintenance and repairs when needed, so your system stays healthy for many years to come.

You can also turn to us for information and advice about septic tanks. For example, if you are looking to purchase a new property, we can check out the septic system for you to be sure you aren’t buying something that has not been well-maintained. The typical home inspection does not cover the septic tanks. It will only tell you if the drains are clogged or slow, or if the toilets are having trouble flushing. There can still be a problem that hasn’t reached the point where symptoms have developed.

We are also happy to discuss with you the way you can preserve your system, such as why water conservation is important and what not to flush or send down the drain. Septic tanks can easily handle breaking down a lot of waste, as long as that waste is biodegradable and there is the proper level of bacteria present to do the job.

We have been dealing with septic tanks in the Mulberry, Florida area for nearly 60 years, so you can trust that we know what we are talking about. We are also available for emergencies 24 hours a day, so if you are having an urgent problem, don’t hesitate to call.

At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we offer services for septic tanks in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Polk City, Plant City, Haines City, Mulberry, Dundee, Lake Wales, Highland City, Lake Placid, and Sebring, Florida, as well as throughout Polk County and Eastern Hillsborough County.