Lift Station Repair, Auburndale, FL

We’ve learned a thing or two since opening in 1958 that will make the lift station repair process in Auburndale, FL quick and effective.

Septic Tank Cleaning in Auburndale, FL
Lift Station Repair in Auburndale – It can be nearly impossible to gauge when lift station repair will become necessary. Because it happens without warning, it is important to know who to call for quick response. At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we are available 24/7 to take care of a multitude of septic emergencies, including lift station repair.

The Auburndale, FL area has a huge number of lift stations to accomplish the transportation of wastewater from lower to higher ground. Even though our topography is somewhat level, it doesn’t take much of an elevation change to thwart gravity. With the complexity of lift stations, it is not the type of job you want to attempt to take care of yourself. Let our expertise and decades of experience take care of complicated lift station repair. We’ve learned a thing or two since opening in 1958 that will make the lift station repair process quick and effective.

In some cases, the situation with lift station repair is that, because of population growth, the current one is unable to handle the load. When this is the case, and either a larger capacity pump or additional lift stations are required, we can take care of it. A company without our integrity and experience might just keep repairing the system rather than give you the information you need to avoid constant breakdowns.

When lift station repair is needed, it can affect just one home or an entire community, depending on its location. It doesn’t matter if one family or a hundred families are affected – we service it fast!

Here at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. we provide only the highest quality lift station repair to clients in Auburndale, Mulberry, Bartow, LakelandPlant City, Winter Haven, Polk City and all of Polk County & Eastern Hillsborough, Florida!