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We’re happy to help you set up a schedule for septic pumping based on your usage and needs.

You’ve probably heard all kinds of different advice when it comes to the recommended schedule for septic pumping at your Dundee, Florida property. The reality is that every home and business is different, so there isn’t one set answer to this. At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we would much rather see you consider services based on your specific usage and not try to push the service off for as long as possible. It is far more cost-effective to have septic pumping done too often than to wait till you have a backup or a damaged septic system.

Septic Pumping in Dundee, Florida

One question we get asked is whether it is okay to have septic pumping done every year. The answer to this question is YES! It may not need it, but it won’t hurt, and it gives us the chance to inspect your septic system to look for any other signs of trouble that could be resolved early. We understand that not everyone will take this route, and that’s fine. We are more than happy to go over your usage and make a recommendation for a schedule that fits your needs.

There are some “tricks” you can utilize that can spread out your septic pumping visits. First, choose composting your kitchen scraps instead of putting them down the garbage disposal. Second, don’t flush anything but waste and toilet paper. Third, don’t use antibacterial products. Feel free to reach out to us for more tips!

If it has been a while since you’ve scheduled septic pumping or you can’t recall the last time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get it taken care of. There’s nothing like having peace of mind that all is well with your septic system and you aren’t at risk of a backup.

At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we offer septic pumping services in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Polk City, Plant City, Haines City, Mulberry, Dundee, Lake Wales, Highland City, Lake Placid, and Sebring, Florida, as well as throughout Polk County and Eastern Hillsborough County.


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