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So you finally scheduled septic pumping at the recommendation of a contractor, but really, what’s the point? You’ve never had a problem with your septic system to date, so could it really be that important to have your septic tank pumped out?

What’s the Point of Septic Pumping Anyway?

Unfortunately, many homeowners have this mindset when it comes to their septic system. It’s out of sight, out of mind – or it’s been working just fine, so why would it stop now? Failing to check your septic system routinely, however, creates the perfect storm for a septic backup that you really weren’t expecting. Routine septic pumping would have alerted you to any potential threats long before they came to fruition.

Septic Pumping in Polk City, Florida

Septic pumping not only ensures that your septic tank doesn’t reach capacity, but it also helps your septic professional check the health and condition of your entire septic system for your home. That means they’ll look at the condition of your tank, find out whether the filtration system needs replacing, and make sure the drain field is holding up well. They can also address minor problems before they become major concerns, like clearing a small blockage that may eventually lead to a major mishap.

It’s true that your septic system is designed to work for years on end without too much trouble. However, what you flush, drain, and dispose of through your plumbing system affects how your septic system operates. That’s why septic pumping is so important.

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