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Three Benefits of Septic Pump-Outs

If you’re looking forward to your next appointment for a septic pump-out, you may be wondering why the septic company emphasized the importance of this routine servicing for your septic system. After all, it’s been working fine, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong, right? The answer is – yes and no. While a properly working septic system is certainly a relief, routine septic pump-outs are the number one preventative maintenance measure you can take to preserve your system for the long-term. Here are three benefits of scheduling regular septic pump-outs:

  1. Get Rid of Sludge – Over time, solid waste accumulates in your septic tank. While your tank is built to handle a certain amount of this waste, it can also become full if not attended to regularly, putting you at risk for a septic backup. Septic pump-outs literally remove the sludge from your tank, so you never go beyond the recommended capacity.
  2. Septic Pump Outs in Winter Haven, FloridaCheck Your System – Another benefit to septic pump-outs is that you can easily have your septic professional check the other parts of your septic system. In fact, a routine septic inspection is recommended, and septic pumping is the perfect opportunity to check all of the system components for proper usage and any potential wear and tear.
  3. Protect Your Tank – Finally, septic pump-outs are the best way to protect your tank and take care of any damage early on. By cleaning out your tank, you can discover any early signs of cracks or damage that could prevent you from having a system that works its best. Why not give yourself the peace of mind?

At Averett Septic Tank Co. Inc., we’ll be happy to assist with routine septic pump-outs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.