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You may have been told that all septic pumping companies are the same. You might have been told you need to call your septic pumping company every year for septic pumping. You might even have been told your septic tank needs far more than just septic pumping. The truth is that there is a fair amount of false information out there about septic pumping. Here are a few important truths you should know.

The Truth About Septic Pumping

  1. All septic pumping companies are NOT the same. Just as with most professions, there are definitely some untrained, inexperienced and even unscrupulous septic pumping companies out there. Hiring the wrong septic company could be costing you money because they are not fully inspecting your system, and thereby not informing you of a potential problem until it is a costly repair. Or maybe they’re not pumping it out properly and leaving too much behind, resulting in more visits. Or perhaps they’re not educating you about things you may be doing that can shorten the life of your septic system. Do your research and look for a septic company that has experience and the desire to educate you.
  2. Septic pumping usually does not have to be done every year. In fact, a properly balanced system that is being well-maintained by an educated homeowner can go quite a long time between septic pumping calls. An honest septic pumping company won’t pump your tank more often than it needs it. Additionally, they will advise you on habits you should incorporate that can reduce the number of septic pumping visits you need.  It is recommended that your tank be pumped every 3-5 years, depending on the number of people living in the home.

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