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Septic Cleaning: Residential and Commercial

Many people use the words “cleaning” and “pumping” interchangeably when referring to septic systems when, in reality, some septic companies refer to them as different things.  Pumping the septic tank means removing liquid and floating objects, while septic cleaning means to pump and remove compacted sludge from the bottom, and hardened grease that can easily clog your system. The more often you clean your septic tank, the less often you need to worry about your system malfunctioning. Some companies claim to clean and pump your septic tank when in reality, they are only removing the water, not the difficult, thick, sludge that can accumulate at the bottom of your tank. It is important that when selecting a provider, you ask the right questions to be sure both tasks are being done.
Septic Cleaning: Residential and Commercial

  • Residential- There are some residential products that can be harmful to your septic system, which makes septic cleaning extremely difficult. Some of these products are bath and body oils, anti-bacterial hand soap, time-release pills, and some toilet bowl cleaners. These substances throw off the pH balance of your septic system, creating more difficult-to-remove sludge. When these items are put down your drain, more frequent septic cleaning is required.
  • Commercial- Whether you own a restaurant, car wash, apartment building or small business, our professionals are available to meet your septic cleaning needs. Commercial septic systems vary greatly by the type of business. Regardless, commercial septic systems are more prone to irresponsible handling due to the wide amount of people who use the system daily. It is imperative to have a septic cleaning done every year to avoid backups, clogs, and system failure.

At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we do more than just pump your septic tank. With every pump, we guarantee your septic tank will also be cleaned of all sludge and muck.