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You can count on us to perform a reliable septic system inspection

Finding a new home can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Home inspections are a vital part of the home-buying process.  Buying a home without having the proper inspections can bring you regret down the road, often resulting in having to spend painful amounts of money to fix problems that you didn’t know you had. Most homebuyers may not be aware, but a septic system inspection is actually not included with your typical home inspection. This means that the buyer usually will have to cover the cost of a septic system inspection and be the one to request that it take place.

If the home you are looking at has a septic system, you definitely will want to invest in a full septic system inspection before you make an offer. Many suggest that you, as the buyer, find a company to complete the inspection so that you can feel more confident in the integrity of the results.

Choosing to forego a septic system inspection may result in finding that your newly purchased home has a septic system that was not been properly maintained, is due for some expensive repairs, has problems with drainage, or—worst-case scenario—has a failed septic system that does not even work properly upon move-in and requires a full replacement.

You should also be careful about the company you hire to complete your inspection. Find out about their experience and reviews from previous customers. You don’t want to pay for the inspection only to find major septic problems that went undetected due to improper testing.

You can count on us to perform a reliable septic system inspection, so give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!