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Is All Septic Tank Pumping the Same?
All too often, homeowners and businesses look for the cheapest septic tank pumping service they can find because they think they are all the same. The truth is that there can be a huge difference between septic tank pumping companies and if someone offers a rock bottom price, it is likely you are not getting what you think you are.

One of the things you’ll likely notice with a budget septic tank pumping company is that you need them to come out more often. This is because they plan it that way by not fully pumping out your septic tank. They have to pay to dispose of the waste so the less they take, the cheaper it is for them. Plus, they can collect from you more often.

A professional septic tank pumping company will also inspect your system. A budget one won’t. While this may not be of concern for a fully-functioning septic system, if you have any issues that are best repaired early on, you will have lost this head start by foregoing the inspection. A professional will also provide advice and education about what you can do to extend the life of your septic system.

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