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septic pumpingSeptic tank additives are a hot topic in the septic system industry right now. Many home and business owners are choosing to use additives because of their advertised benefits. These advertised benefits include everything from preserving the life of the septic system to reducing the amount of buildup that accumulates within a septic system. Many home and business owners often consider these additives as an alternative to proper care and do not make regular septic pumping a priority.

If you are choosing additives for your system, remember that while additives may help reduce the amount of solid waste that accumulates in your septic system, they can’t get rid of all of this buildup. Plus, when you don’t have septic pumping performed on a consistent basis, problems could be lurking with in your septic system that remain unnoticed. For example, broken valves, cracked pipes, invading roots, and clogged pipes are just some of the problems additives can’t clue you into.

When it comes to your septic system, regular maintenance, septic pumping, and other septic inspection and repair services will ensure your system continues to perform as it should for many years to come. Septic maintenance and septic pumping services give your system a fresh start each time, providing you with added peace of mind as a home or business owner.

Septic pumping, inspection, and maintenance services should be performed at least once every few years, depending on the certain demands of your specific system. Let us at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. help you out with all your septic needs.