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Grease Trap CleaningWhen fats, oils and grease combine, they create a slippery mess that eventually solidifies and clogs your grease trap. Grease traps are designed to catch fats, oils, and grease and separate them from the wastewater so that they don’t make their way through your plumbing system and into your septic system. Sticking to a regular grease trap cleaning schedule can prevent septic problems caused by a clog and ensure the functionality of your grease trap long-term.

At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., grease trap cleaning is one of our specialties. We have professionally trained staff that will not only pump out the slippery grease in your grease trap, but thoroughly scrape and clean out all buildup and solids within the device. Our trained staff members can answer your questions about maintaining your grease trap to prevent clogging and backups between grease trap cleanings. We can also inspect your system and grease trap to ensure that it is in good working condition and that your lines remain free-flowing.

Additionally, once we’re done inspecting and cleaning your grease trap, we will haul away all of the waste we cleaned out of your system. When we do this, we follow all state regulations for the disposal process to protect our environment.

Call today to schedule your grease trap cleaning. We look forward to helping you maintain the functionality and efficiency of your grease trap with our services.