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Your septic tank is a collection of wastewater from your home, and that wastewater may be overflowing in the backyard before you know there’s something wrong or before you know to do something about it. You do not want to wait that long before getting a septic repair. The earlier we can be notified, the sooner we can help you and the less extensive the damage will be to your system. We would much rather make repairs or maintenance on your system than have to replace it, and we know that’s what you want, too. Recognizing these early signs can help us achieve early diagnosis.

Early Signs that You Need a Septic Repair

Early signs that you may need a septic repair include:

  • Septic RepairClogged or slow drains
  • Greener grass directly above your tank
  • Foul odors inside and/or outside your home
  • Toilets not flushing or draining well
  • Water gurgling or coming up through the drains when the dishwasher or washer is running
  • Water pooling in your backyard

It is highly recommended that you have your system inspected annually and that you have the tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we have the tools and expertise needed to solve any problems your septic tank may be causing. Don’t hesitate to have us come and take a look at things. The more routinely we’re able to maintain your system, the better able we are to help you avoid expensive septic repairs and replacements. If you can be observant and keep an eye out for these early signs, we can help resolve issues before they become a crisis.