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Septic Contractor

So you’ve decided to have a septic tank installed on your property. Now what? At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., our septic tank contractors are eager to answer all of your questions regarding your install. Here are the ones we are asked most frequently:

  • How do I choose the proper-sized tank? The number of people living in your home combined with your water usage habits will help determine the size of tank you need. Once we know this, your septic contractor will help you select a tank that will fit your needs.
  • What maintenance do septic tanks require? Knowing whether or not you are new to the world of septic tanks will help your contractor understand how in-depth he needs to go when explaining how to properly maintain the system, how often it should be cleaned, and a general overview of how the system works.
  • How much will my system cost? Knowing your budget up front will help your septic contractor present you with a variety of features and options at price points you can afford.
  • How will a septic tank affect my landscaping? As professional septic contractors, we have seen many people landscape over their drain fields and can give guidelines for doing so without interfering with your system. One important thing to note is that when it is time for cleaning your tank, we will need access to the lid, which means we will have to dig to find it. We are very careful about removing landscaping so that we can replace it nicely when the job is finished.

Whatever other questions you may have, please ask your septic contractor! At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we make the process of installing a septic tank easy for our customers. If you are considering adding a tank to your property, call us today!