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Real estate septic tank inspectionThe purchase of a home is often the most expensive purchase that the average person will make. Additionally, it is often a purchase that will be paid for over a period of many years. Because of this expense and long-term commitment, it’s important that you know as much about the property before going through with the sale of the home. One of the things you absolutely must have done before the final papers are signed is a real estate septic tank inspection.

The inspection of a home is meant to give the new owners a list of all the possible issues with the home and the sellers a chance to repair these items or negotiate the cost of these items with the buyer. Many buyers are comforted by the fact that the inspection gives them a clear idea as to the true state of the home, in addition to giving them an opportunity to back out if the home is more work than they are capable of taking on.

A real estate septic tank inspection should be performed for many of the same reasons. Even if the house itself is in tip-top condition, that doesn’t mean that the septic tank is as well! Additionally, a surface glance of the septic system done by the inspector will not give you the same detailed analysis of the septic system as a real estate septic tank inspection will.

If you are considering buying a home that has a septic tank, please call Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. in order to schedule a real estate septic tank inspection. We can help ensure that the purchase of your home will be a joyful thing, rather than an expense that you regret taking on. Contact us today!