3 Signs That It’s Time for a Septic Pump-Out

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Septic systems, if left unattended for too long, can cause some unpleasant problems around the household. These problems, while very nasty, display symptoms that are even nastier. There are 3 of these indicators that are the most unsavory of the bunch. They’re also dead giveaways to let you know it’s time for a septic pump-out.

Your septic system will let you know when you need a pump-out

  1. Foul aromas in the air. Your septic system will let you know when you need a pump-out. One way it does this is by the way it smells. Depending on how full it is, it will begin to stink. This stink comes from the accumulated wastes, solid and liquid, that are flushed into the septic system. These wastes are from every location in the house, including the bathroom. So, the next time you’re outside and you notice a stinky smell, it could be your septic system asking for a pump-out.
  2. The pooling of water in the yard. Pooling water can happen in a variety of areas around the property. It tends to happen more around the lawn and close to the drain field. Pooling water lets you know that your tank is full and it’s time for a septic pump-out. Whenever solids block the drain field pipes, wastewater accumulates and gathers above ground. A system that is working properly will keep everything underground.
  3. Sewage backing up into the house. Sewage backup is singlehandedly the nastiest sign on this list. Watching black, smelly liquid leak into your sink or shower is an awful experience. It is, however, a direct indicator that a septic pump-out needs to happen ASAP. Anytime sewage is finding its way back into the house from the septic system, it’s because the septic system is full. There’s nowhere else for that waste to go except for right back where it came from.

If any of these signs are showing in your home, contact us at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. We can provide the septic pump-outs your system needs.