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regular septic pumping sessions

Owning a septic tank means that you need to pay a little more attention to what goes down your drains. It also means that you need to look forward to regular septic pumping sessions, septic maintenance, and other septic care. However, many people don’t realize that septic systems are a great way to be able to clean and clear your wastewater. They are often more efficient at cleaning than a city wastewater system and enable you to live a little more off the grid. If you are looking at a home with a septic system or are new to septic system ownership, here are a few secrets that can help you find the proper septic pumping schedule.

1.   Size matters. Septic pumping is hugely reliant upon the sizes of things- size of your tank, size of your household, size of your house, etc. When you have a larger tank and a smaller family, you can stretch that time period out. If the variables are reversed, so is the time period. On average, people need septic pumping every 3-5 years.

2.   Don’t wait! Procrastination will not be your friend when it comes to septic pumping. This is not the time that you should push boundaries or limits! Septic pumping neglect can make some serious and foul issues that you’ll have to deal with.

3.   Be careful what you flush. With a septic system, only waste and toilet paper should be flushed, even if those other items claim to be flushable.