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Drain Field Installation, Auburndale, FL

A drain field installation is a necessary part of owning a home or business in Auburndale, FL.

Drain Field Installation, Auburndale, FL
Drain Field Installation in Auburndale – At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we’ve had an increasing number of customers ask us if a septic tank system is absolutely necessary on their property. If you are not connected to the local sewer system, the answer to that question is always a resounding “yes.” It is required to have proper removal and treatment of waste, not only per building codes, but also for environmental reasons. If our customers had this inquiry about the septic tank itself, we’ve found out they likely don’t know about the required drain field installation in Auburndale, FL, either.

Some of our customers are hesitant about a drain field installation on their property. Granted the setup does take up valuable space on your property, but the service it provides is invaluable – and mandatory. A drain field is an essential part of the septic system because it allows for the neutralization of wastewater.

The process of how a drain field installation performs its tasks includes grease and oils first being contained in the grease trap before they enter the wastewater treatment system. From there, the waste and water travel to the septic tank, where the solid waste develops into sludge. The water is filtered out through the drain field, where it is neutralized. Meanwhile, the solid waste builds up in the tank and will eventually need to be pumped.

A drain field installation is necessary to keep the area around your property safe from contaminants. Please contact our team at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. to see what type of system is right for you.

At Averett Septic Tank Co Inc., we offer drain field installation services in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Polk City, Plant City, Haines City, Mulberry, Dundee, Lake Wales, Highland City, and Sebring, Florida, as well as throughout Polk County and Eastern Hillsborough County.