Grease Traps, Auburndale, FL

Not only is it a good idea to have a grease trap  in your Auburndale, FL home or business, but it should also be cleaned regularly so it can perform efficiently

Grease Traps in Auburndale, FL
Grease Traps in Auburndale – When you wash the dishes in your kitchen, the water typically contains oil particles that move through the plumbing and into the septic tank beneath the ground. When the oil goes into the tank, it cannot mix with the water, so it will separate and remain on top. This can cause a problem with effective septic system maintenance, since it can result in grease moving through to the drain field and entering the water table, or causing a clog in the system that will back it up. The solution to this issue is installing a grease trap.

Grease traps are small boxes that sit just beneath the drain and filter oil out of the water. The grease trap is especially important in a commercial kitchen, since the volume of oils produced will be much higher than a residential property. There are various size and material options of grease traps, and our experts at Averett Septic Tank Co Inc. can help select the right one for your household or business.

Not only is it a good idea to have a grease trap, but it should also be cleaned regularly so it can perform efficiently. Without proper grease trap maintenance, your septic system can become overloaded with oils and sludge, resulting in the system getting clogged and backing up. If you notice that your drains or toilets are moving slowly, call us to find out if grease trap cleaning and other maintenance could be the solution. We have been providing septic services in the Auburndale, Florida area for more than 50 years, so we can handle problems of all sizes.






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